Contributors to The Scuba News New Zealand

Ryan has a great love for anything water - and his Mum told says he was a right pain around water from a very young age.   Ryan qualified as a PADI Specialty Dive Instructor after undertaking his Wilderness Adventure Tourism Diploma here at Dive Zone and has a passion for free diving and underwater photography.  Here at Dive Zone, Ryan is our lead Instructor teaching our Tertiary Programmes as well as assisting with our local Marine Academy programme for school kids from Mercury Bay Area School.  Ryan is continuing his education in the industry and is now working towards his Skippers ticket.1 Articles

Established as Splash Gordon’s Dive Shop 1998 and later renamed to Dive Wellington in 2010, we have been supplying Wellington and the surrounding area with quality diver training and retail for years. Our location is amazing, right across the road from Taputeranga Marine Reserve and less than a five-minute boat ride to the wreck of the F69 Frigate Wellington. Gear up in the shop and walk across the road for some of Wellington’s best diving. All this within a ten-minute drive from Wellington’s Central City. We believe we are Wellington's most active dive shop, because we dive more. The only Wellington dive store with it's own charter boat. We are proud to be a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre and offer all levels of diver training. We are also a TDI Dive Centre offering a variety of Technical diving courses. What makes us different? Our goal is to make your entire dive experience enjoyable, our staff are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. There is a BBQ held after every boat charter and dive club dive. You are welcome to hang out in the courtyard and socialise after your dive. Our staff are passionate about diving and happy to answer your questions over a coffee. If you are passing through Wellington, the diving here is fantastic. We offer a hotel pickup and can take you on a guided dive most days1 Articles

Vic Ferguson is Executive Director of The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation, whose mission is to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs and coastal environments through an integrated program of excellence in data gathering/sharing, education, and outreach built upon active and long term partnerships with divers, conservationist, the science community and local island governments and stakeholders. The broad objectives are aimed at developing this effort and sustaining the same effort for long term.1 Articles

David Owen Brown is a producer/cameraman specializing in marine and aquatic issues. His work has aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Discovery Channel and National Geographic television. His photography appears in exhibits and publications including the Smithsonian's Ocean Planet and Ocean Hall, and the American Museum of Natural History’s Water. A former member of the Cousteau team, David participated expeditions with vessels Calypso and Alcyone, exploring above and below water environments globally. He founded Passage Productions, a documentary film company and stock house, where he conceived and produced the first live underwater broadcast from underwater onto the Internet. Recent work includes DVD’s Signals for Survival and Sea of Sound. David is in production on a film about Maine’s marine environment, and another that will bring Cornell’s collection of Blaschka glass invertebrates to life.1 Articles

Dan runs PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Instructor Development Courses, IDC Staff Instructor Courses, Master SCUBA Diver Trainer programmes, Speciality Instructor Training Courses and DSAT TecRec technical diving instructor courses in Indonesia, Maldives, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United Kingdom. He will do all he can to help you be successful, starting from first contact and continuing throughout your dive career. Dan is an approachable and personable dive educator. As a PADI CD, Dan’s main goal is not simply to train you to pass your Instructor Examination. He does have a 100 per cent. first-time pass rate at the IE, but that is largely due to his focus on real-World teaching applications. Dan wants you to teach after your IE and will do his best to equip you for this. However, all PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructors and higher have passed an IE.1 Articles

I was born and raised in Rotorua, in the Bay of Plenty, and spent most of my childhood at Ohiwa beach fishing, digging for critters, and exploring the estuary and coastal life, developing a strong love for the ocean and the underwater world. This led me to study English, ecology and marine biology at Victoria University of Wellington, where I completed my undergraduate degrees before moving to the stunning south coast of Wellington to complete my Master’s degree. In my postgraduate studies I looked at how marine sponges may respond to climate change stressors. While sponges are not known for their charismatic nature like whales and dolphins, these fascinating creatures led me to develop a deep appreciation for the remarkable resilience of marine life and how much pressure we are putting on our oceans as destructive human activities increase. During my Master’s I gained my scientific diving qualification, and worked around Wellington as a contract diver surveying marine reserves. Today I continue to do contract work for DOC, while also working full time on marine biosecurity issues. I enjoy diving and taking underwater photographs as a hobby in my spare time.1 Articles

My passion for the natural world began as a child on the rocky shores of Maine, and in streams and woods in elementary school. My connection to all of nature continued with a path to a M.S. in animal behavior and ecology. As a resident and interpreter of the central California coast, I try get out on the ocean and into the tidepools and mudflats as often as I can. I’ve researched the natural history, oceanography, marine life and ecosystems, and human history of this coast for decades. As one of the early employees of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I committed to interpreting ocean life and habitats to the general public. Since those early days, I’ve been involved in the research, interpretive planning and writing of exhibitions for aquariums and natural history museums. I helped to create and continue to develop content and write for the Shape of Life.1 Articles

Riley Elliott a.k.a ‘Shark Man’ is a passionate surfer, spear-fisherman, free-diver and scuba diver from New Zealand. Currently a PhD student at Auckland University, Riley has dedicated his skills and research to shark conservation, has appeared in numerous documentaries and encourages his audiences to embrace and conserve the natural world. Riley has worked with Ocean Ramsay to help end the Western Australia shark cull and is a modern-day ambassador who communicates and advocates science for all. An experienced public speaker, Riley had delivered engaging conservation messages to the media, local communities and at his TED X Talk in Auckland, 2014.1 Articles

Peter Young is an award-winning documentary cameraman and producer. He came to filmmaking the long way, spending the first ten years of his working on the land and sea over which time he developed a strong connection to the great outdoors and people that live and work there. Peter established Fisheye Films in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1997 and has worked as a freelance director and cameraman ever since. He has credits in well over a hundred documentaries, among them; BBC’s Blue Planet Series, a Giant Squid documentary for prime time Discovery, he filmed many of the South Island Country Calendar episodes, the acclaimed TVNZ series Explorers and the final tribute documentary for Sir Edmund Hilary. He produced and shot the award winning series Hunger for the Wild for TVNZ and is now working on his second series of Coasters. He has recently completed his first feature documentary The Last Ocean, a project he began in 2006. This labour of love has expanded into the formation of a Charitable Trust to promote the protection of the Ross Sea, Antarctica, the world’s most pristine marine ecosystem. Peter has won many awards for his skills and creativity behind the camera, both shooting and producing, but it's the opportunity to work with great teams and telling great stories that keeps him in the business.1 Articles

Jeanne's passion is underwater photography and videography.  She's traveled the world with her camera and enjoys telling the story of a place through her lens.  She's a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and enjoys introducing new divers to the wonders of the underwater world.  Jeanne spent three years as an instructor, guide and professional underwater photographer and filmmaker in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and has returned to Houston to open her Diving Center, Outside The Asylum Diving & Travel.  Jeanne lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and beloved dog, Dahab.