Author Simon Abdul MK

Simon is a Divemaster with a passion for adventure and writing, and enjoys sharing stories about motocross, surfing and diving. He has recently finished his second novel ‘Ciudades Gris' (Grey Cities), available on Amazon.

Cenote Diving: A Journey to the Underworld


Prepare your dive gear and a pair of lights before you get in this selection of five cenotes. Before we jump into these mystical formations, we need to understand their importance and the significant events contributing to their formation. Cenote comes from the mayan word Dzo Not which means ‘hole filled with water’ a main idea from the tribes in this area that all these holes were a connection with Xibalba (the underworld). The first event dates back to over 45 million years ago, when a meteorite impacted the Gulf of Mexico, changing the features of the land, and introducing different minerals…