Author Kate O'Neil

I've always had a passion for Marine Biology and art. After finishing my degree in Marine Vertebrate Zoology, I moved to New Zealand to help with whale strandings and conservation work. I found that I was spending all my down time creating artwork, and that's how Moana Matron Designs was born. It's a creative outlet that combines my art addiction with the constant drive to protect animals and the environment. Moana means "the sea" in Maori and most of my works are either trying to inform you or trying to raise funds for organisations making a difference. I use all recycled packaging, and my business cards are printed on eco-friendly paper. All the causes I donate to I have either worked closely with or researched thoroughly to ensure their ethics and aims perfectly match up with mine.

Quantity Leads to Quality: Revisiting Dive Sites for New Experiences


The Poor Knights Islands I first visited The Poor Knights as part of an Easter trip in 2015, so the date was set in stone well in advance, and having heard nothing but praise for the site, I didn’t do any research before my trip.  As it turned out, the day we’d selected was pretty windy; nothing major, fine weather for the sturdy sailor, but completely rubbish for my weak stomach.  So after about forty minutes of bobbing over each wave, I was feeling less than perky on our arrival at the islands.  And having not done much research beforehand,…